New Immigrant in Norway

New Immigrant in Norway

Foreigners who wish to take up residence in Norway require legitimate reasons to obtain a residence permit. Each type of residence permit is guided by specific rights and obligations. It is up to the permit holder to make sure they comply with all applicable rules and regulations. Everyone living in Norway is required to learn and abide by the laws and rules of the country. Another obligation is to provide correct information when requested by the authorities.


Every person living in Norway has numerous rights and obligations

This includes the right of children to attend school and the right of all inhabitants to hospital treatment. Everyone with a job is required to pay tax. And when we submit our income tax form every year, we are required to provide correct information.

Trust-based system

The authorities trust that all inhabitants provide correct information and follow the law. The entire Norwegian system is built on this principle. Although monitoring systems are in place, spot checks are also often carried out. Those caught cheating the system can expect some type of punishment, ranging from fines and imprisonment to community service and other measures.