New Immigrant in Norway

Introduction programme

An introduction programme has been introduced to improve newly arrived immigrants’ opportunities in Norway. The programme is intended to give newly arrived immigrants an introduction to Norwegian society, and the municipalities are responsible for implementing it.

The introduction programme is intended to improve immigrants’ opportunities to participate in the Norwegian labour market and society. The goal of the programme is to help immigrants to be independent.

Some immigrants have a right and an obligation to participate in the introduction programme, but not all of them. It depends on the grounds for their residence permit.

The following groups have a right and an obligation to participate in the introduction programme:

  • refugees
  • people granted residence on humanitarian grounds
  • family members reunited with someone from the two groups above
  • persons who have been granted a residence permit on an independent basis because he/she or his/her child is a victim of violence or abuse in a marriage or cohabitation relationship, or forced marriage, or for social or cultural reasons cannot return to his/her home country following the breakup of a relationship



The Introduction Programme is aimed at:

  • Strengthening immigrants’ participation in employment and society
  • Strengthening immigrants’ financial independence
  • Providing basic skills in the Norwegian language
  • Providing basic insight into Norwegian society