New Immigrant in Norway

How can you get established and participate actively in community and economic life?


To those new to the country, much is new and unfamiliar. It is important for both the immigrants and society in general that the newcomers settle in as quickly as possible and gradually begin to feel a sense of belonging in Norwegian society.

The most important thing they can do is to learn Norwegian. Language is learned in different ways and in different settings. Most newcomers benefit greatly from Norwegian language courses. It is also important to be exposed to situations where language skills can be practiced, such as in a workplace, organised leisure activities and private life. Much can also be learned by watching children’s television programmes, news reports and subtitled television programmes.

Norwegian language instruction programmes offer language practice in a work context. This takes place alongside traditional classroom instruction. Language practice placement allows the participant to practice their language skills in a workplace. Not only do they hone their language skills, but also make contacts in the employment community.

Those wanting a job in Norway need to actively pursue employment. It is important to learn the language, to establish contacts and to gain work experience. Some newcomers are offered a traineeship within a company. Traineeships are organised by the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Service (NAV).

Persons with qualifications from another country can apply to have their qualifications recognised in Norway. There are a number of different systems for recognising qualifications. More information can be found at

Participating in the workforce is not the only way to actively participate in society. There are numerous volunteer organisations, sports associations, political and religious organisations that offer membership. This can be a good way to become acquainted with others, practice language skills, and use your talents and interests.

People with children have extra opportunities to connect with other people. Children’s lives are often packed with different activities. Parents meet other parents when they take part in leisure activities together with their children, accompany them to sports practice sessions or attend parents’ meetings. Norwegians often use these opportunities to make new friends and get to know people when they move to a new place in Norway. Immigrants can naturally do the same. This gives you the chance to speak Norwegian and get to know other people.


The language practice in a work context programme provides:

  • Language training
  • Valuable work experience
  • Useful references
  • Possibility to network

Do you have children in Norway? Have the children participate in various after-school activities. Accompany your child and use the opportunity to get to know new people!