Democracy and Welfare Society

Welfare state

A welfare society is a society where important aspects of people’s standard of living, education and health are safeguarded through public collective solutions. In a welfare society, the public authorities distribute resources so that all inhabitants have access to fundamental goods such as housing, food, health services and education.

The Norwegian welfare society is called a welfare state because primary responsibility for welfare rests with the public authorities – the state and municipalities.

Our welfare society is primarily paid for by taxes paid by the population. In addition, the state uses export revenues from the oil and gas industry etc. to finance social benefits and services.

Even though the public authorities have chief responsibility for social benefits and services, voluntary organisations and private individuals also make important contributions.


A welfare state

  • A welfare state is a social welfare system with high level of evenly distributed welfare.
  • Welfare costs money. Everyone living in Norway contributes to paying for welfare benefits through taxes and duties.