Children and family


Parents and child

Every year, around 60,000 children are born in Norway. On average, women living in Norway have around 1.5 children each. Three out of four children live together with both parents. One out of four lives with either one parent or together with one parent and their new spouse.

A young couple Mother, father and two children A gay couple An older couple Father and daughter

Three out of four couples who live together are married. The remaining 25% live together but are unmarried. The average age for getting married the first time is over 30 for both men and women. Many people live together for several years before marrying. Around 10,000 married couples divorce every year.

There are very many people in Norway living alone.



Most people in Norway are part of a family. Some people live with other family members, while others live alone. Those who live alone also often have family, but their family may live in a different house, a different city or a different country.


A household consists of people who live together and have joint finances. A household can consist of one or more persons. On average, just over two people live in a household in Norway today.