Historic development

Helseundersøkelser 1942-44, (Oslo Museum, produsent: Rigmor Dahl) Søster ved den sykes seng,1904, (Oslo Museum, produsent: Anders Beer Wilse)

Today, the standard of living in Norway is high. Medicine is available to treat many serious illnesses and the welfare state has systems in place that ensure everyone access to medical help and medication. Children can receive free vaccinations against most common illnesses.

This is very different from how things were before, and these changes have resulted in an increasing life expectancy. People born around 1900 could expect to live to be about 55 years old. In 1950, a newborn girl could expect to live to the age of 73.5 years, while a boy could expect to live until the age of 70. The corresponding figures for 2017 are 84 years for women and 81 years for men.

Increase in life expectancy in the past century:
Økning i levealder de siste hundre årene


“Over the past 100 years, the expected life span has increased by a generation!” (Former Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg)

Jens Stoltenberg