Children and health

Pregnancy check-ups and childbirth

The infant mortality rate in a society is influenced by the standard of living, health care system and medical progress in the country, in addition to social security and other social welfare benefits for parents and children. In present-day Norway, the infant mortality rate is low compared to both most other countries and in the past.

Pregnant women in Norway have the right to free pregnancy check-ups. The check-ups are performed by public health centres or family doctors. The check-ups are voluntary and are aimed at safeguarding the health of both mother and child during pregnancy, childbirth and afterwards. In Norway, eight to twelve check-ups are recommended during a pregnancy. Most children are born in the hospital and there is no charge for this.

Nyfødt barn på vekt

All children and young people living in Norway are offered regular health check-ups. From birth until school age, these check-ups are performed at the public health centres. Once a child has started school, the school health services perform the check-ups. Public health centres for young people are also available in all municipalities. All services offered by the public health centres and school health services are free of charge.

At the public health centre, they check the child’s development, whether the child is growing at the normal rate, their vision and hearing, and whether the child is learning to understand and talk properly. If there are any problems with the child’s development, the public health centre will arrange the necessary help and guidance.

All children and young people living in Norway are also offered vaccinations against serious diseases. The vaccines protect them against disease in a simple, effective and safe manner. Vaccinations are voluntary, but the authorities in Norway strongly recommend t hat all parents have their children vaccinated.

The vaccinations that are part of the vaccination programme are free of charge. Additional vaccinations, such as for travelling abroad, must be paid for by the patient.





  • All children have the right to a safe childhood.
  • All children and young people receive free health checks
  • All children and young people get free vaccinations under the children’s vaccination programme.
  • All children receive free dental care.
  • All children have the right to good health care, regardless of their parents’ financial circumstances.

If health-related problems are detected early, there is a greater chance of treating and curing the problem.
Vaccinations prevent and help eradicate contagious diseases.

Public health centre and school health services

The public health centre and school health services are mandated by law to provide services to all children, young people and their parents or guardians. This includes pregnancy care, periodic check-ups for children between birth and age five, school health services for children and young people between the ages of 6 and 20 and public health services for young people.

These services play a central role in the public health services offered by the municipality and intended for both health promotion and disease prevention with regard to physical health, mental health and social well-being. These services involve advice, health examinations, vaccinations, follow-up and the necessary referrals.