Mental health

An emotional crisis can hit anyone at any point in their life. There are many different reasons why people develop psychological problems. It could be due to difficult life circumstances, family problems, or a difficult work situation. Some emotional problems arise after a crisis, death, accident or experiences in war situations. Some people are genetically disposed to develop psychological disorders and stress can be a triggering factor.

Perceptions of mental health have changed over time. Today, most people in Norway have an open and understanding attitude towards psychological illness. Most people believe that people with emotional disorders should receive treatment and help from the public health service on the same level as people with physical disorders. Most people also believe that it is possible to be cured of a mental disorder.

The migration process

Most people who move to a different country experience what we call a psychological migration process: At first, everything is fine and the person feels positive about the new country. But, after a while, many become depressed and have negative thoughts about the new country. For most people, life gradually starts to stabilise afterwards.