Working Life

Organisations and participation

Work-related organisations

  • Both employees and employers have their own organisations. The largest employee’s organisation in Norway is the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions (LO) and the largest employer’s organisation is the Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHO). The tasks of these organisations include negotiating wages and working hours.
  • When employers and employees reach agreement on such matters, an agreement is drawn up. These agreements are usually valid for two years. Both employees and employers are obligated to comply with the agreements made.
  • Special interest organisations for employees are called trade unions and many employees in Norway are members of such associations.
  • Members pay a fee to join the union.

Co-determination in the workplace

To create a good environment in the workplace, the employer and employees collaborate to reach different agreements. In Norway, co-determination and democracy in the workplace are facilitated in a number of ways. Every individual employee is to be heard and have the opportunity to adapt his or her work situation to meet his or her needs. Employees participate in discussions and receive information on the company activities through trade unions.

Large companies are required by law to have a health, safety and environmental (HMS) system in the workplace. This work is organised and monitored by both an employee representative and a management representative.


LO is the largest employee’s organisation.

NHO is the largest employer’s organisation . Landsorganisasjonen (LO) Næringslivets hovedorganisasjon (NHO)